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Will hair transplant surgery restore my original hair density?

This is the question that most hair transplant candidates ask. The answer to this question lies in the way you are planning your hair transplant. It strongly depends on whether you’re planning for one stage or multiple-stage hair transplant. One more important aspect is the hair density you plan to leave after the surgery. If you were really thinking about having a particular density and if this is your final target, then yes you can reach it with a great chance of success. Hair transplant surgery is a great option for patients who suffer from male pattern baldness but want to return to their original hair density. It works by moving your healthy hair to the areas of your scalp that are lacking density. You can opt for Hair Loss Treatment in Jodhpur.

Hair transplants are generally performed on people who have lost their hair density due to male pattern baldness (which accounts for 90% of hair loss cases). Hair transplant surgery and the FUT or the FUE procedure is known to restore hair density by transferring (or harvesting) donor hair in thinning areas. Not all hair transplant surgeons perform hair transplants that can achieve a higher level of density using different techniques. Note that not all patients are able to achieve their original hair density after a hair transplant as there are various reasons for this. You can take guidance from a Hair Transplant Clinic in Udaipur.

Hair transplantation can help you restore your own hair density. Hair loss is a male-dominated condition wherein men experience thinning hair all over their scalp. The treatment for this condition includes transplantation (the process of transplanting existing healthy hair to bald patches). In the last decade, the hair transplant industry has evolved significantly. The growth factors are used for the stimulation of dermal papilla cells, which aid in the thickening of each strand of hair as well as in reviving dormant follicles. You can also opt for Skin Treatment in Udaipur.

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