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Are Sapphire hair transplants only for the head?

Do you know that hair transplant procedures are not just limited to the scalp? In fact, you can find procedures to increase the fullness of your eyebrows and the depth of your beard with hair transplants. On top of that, you can also have some extra hair to work with if you are doing a combover. The procedure is not as expensive as you might think either, which is why many people become interested in whether or not this type of surgery can benefit them. You can opt for Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Udaipur.

Sapphire hair transplant is not only for the head. It can be done on the beard, body, eyebrows, eyelashes and other facial parts. The option of Beard transplant in India has led many men to take up this cosmetic procedure and give themselves a clean shave.Many people wonder if a sapphire hair transplant can be done on other parts of the body like the beard area. While there have been some sapphire beard transplants, these procedures have been very limited. Sapphire Hair is one of the most expensive hair transplant procedures internationally but does not affect other parts of the body. It is a painstaking procedure at par with diamond eye surgeries because of its technique and the kind of anesthesia used. Not many surgeons in the world can perform it successfully; it is usually performed in highly sophisticated facilities with proper infrastructure. You can also opt for Hair Loss Treatment Udaipur.

Most people believe that sapphire hair transplants are only effective for baldness on the head or male pattern baldness. This is not true. Sapphire hair transplants can be used to treat hair loss on the legs and chest as well. These areas can be more difficult to treat however due to the texture of the skin there and the genetic cause of hair loss in these areas.Sapphire hair transplants have become the newest procedure for patients wanting to add body, volume, and density to their hair. 

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