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Search Engine Optimization for beginners (SEO)


What is the importance of SEO in Digital Marketing



Let’s Example: - You have Millions, Billions of website in your database and you want certain information, when you need certain information, what you do?
Search Engine :- Search Engine response to a certain question that the user has post, it’s called a keyword, now then you type a particular keyword in a particular search engine.
Now what the Search Engine will do is it actually finds the relevant information related to particular keyword and displays that information and that display of information that you see in Search Engine is called as SERP (Search Engine Result Page).
What actually goes behind it and what are the key factor that actually Search Engine takes into consideration.

There are three basic steps are stages that actually search engine usage.
1 Crawl:-              Content is finding or discovered on web.
2 Indexing: -       After Crawl, Content is analyzed and stored in a database.
3 Retrieval: -       After Indexing, User query is fetched and displayed.

Keywords: - Keywords is everything, all the Crawling, Indexing, Retrieval that the search engine does are based on the keywords and the content that is available on the website, so everything on the
search engine revolve around the keyword.
Keywords Types: - There are 2 Types of Keywords.
1 Long Tail Keywords
2 Short Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are those that are around 3 to 4 phrases and very specific and to the point.
Ex: Buy shoes for women.
Long Tail Keywords clearly define user requirements.

Short Tail Keywords are those which are 1 to 2 phrases and generic in nature.
Ex: Buy shoes.

What is Keywords Analysis?
When you building a website that is related with Digital Marketing then what are the services and solution that you are selling on digital marketing on your website, it may be “Search Engine Optimization, PPC Campaign, Viral Marketing, Search Engine Marketing” this are the services that you are providing, they actually are the keywords of your business. It is important for you to understand this keyword and when you implement of these keywords on your website that is have actually search engine crawl and indexes those pages.
SERP are based on keywords.
 What is keyword: - It is the question that you are asking Google to display certain results.

 On Page – Sitemap
Sitemap that is built on the website is an integral part of the website and you have multiple pages on your website it could run into few hundred or more. Most important point that you need to remember is when you have a sitemap that sitemap is actually one page of your website that provide the links to all the pages of your website including from home page to contact-us page your services page you may have drop down services page those are entire links are available on one single page that actually core component of the entire sitemap of a website.
Typically sitemap help the search engines and user to easily understand the pages and links to navigate quickly.

What is Off Page Optimization?
Is also called as Off Site Optimization, all the technique that you implement outside of the website are called as off page optimization or off site optimization.

Off Page Optimization Technique.
  1. ·         Link Building
  2. ·         Guest Blogging
  3. ·         Blogging
  4. ·         Content Marketing
  5. ·         Email Marketing

Some Important Signals of Off Page SEO

  • He/She spend a lot of time on the page reading the article.
  • A user finds an article useful and relevant, he will shareit on social media.
  • A Person not hit back button on the browser after clicking on your link in the search engine result.

Best SEO Tools
·        Keywords Tools: Ad Words Keyword Planner, Uber Suggest, Moz Keyword Explorer.
·        Link Popularity: Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO.

·        Website Analysis: Google Search Console.
·        Traffic and Visitor Activity: Compete, Alexa.
·        Competitor Analysis: ahrefs, ispionage.

Other Tools are:

  • ·         Screaming Frog
  • ·         Conductor
  • ·         Authority labs
  • ·         Bright edge
  • ·         Raven tools


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Search Engine Optimization for beginners (SEO)

SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) for  beginners What is the importance of SEO in Digital Marketing SEARCH ENGINE + OPTIMIZATION ...