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How To Earn Money Online With Google

How To Earn Money Online With Google

How To Earn Money Online With Google

Friends Its possible you will earn money with google, BUT HOW MUCH ?

There are many ways you earn money online, but it's not done when you don't know how you earn money.
We talk here all options which are used for online earn money.
First popular option which are generally comes in mind comes for
beginners, which is google adsense monetization.

1➽⇛Google Adsense pays you when someone comes to your home (Website, Blog, YouTube, App or Third Party Submission) and they see or click on your guest contents (Advertise), It's all depend on traffic which are come on your platform.
So friends if you are a beginner and you want to earn money from google then first you build your home in a great quality (like a Museum), Where peoples come and see your inside content, and they want to access.

So, guys, you have many options like (YouTube, Website, Blog, App and Third Party Submission) where you make your great home and you required to invite peoples for access your contents.

If you choose adsense for earning purpose then remember earning only depends on peoples traffic

Now, I talk to directly "how to make money with google adsense"

  • Select your platform first where you want to start earning, you have many platform options where you will earn with google adsense like a YouTube, Website, Blog, Third-Party Article Submission).
  • You first build your home on any one platform which one easy and passionate for you and get more traffic easily on their platform.
  • After you build, Read platform policies and then submit your home (YouTube, Website, Blog, App or Other) to google adsense and monetize your channel.
  • After then google review your platform contents and if your platform contents are sufficient and genuine then google offer you to apply ads on your platform.

  • After the ads visible on your home (platform) and visitors come to your home (platform) for access your contents, on that time you require visitors see or click on ads, after then you get pay from google.

2➽⇛Affilate Marketing 
You will add offers on your website or blog from any platform like Amazon, Flipkart or others, you can make money on that way when visitors convert in customers then you get pay but if visitors not convert in customers then you do not get any single pay.

3➽⇛Other form such as you sell your services from your home (Website, Blog, YouTube, App or Third Party Submission)

If you want earn more than $1000 month than do not waste your time in all above 3 steps.

Go for high antic offer that you can be selling such as 
(This Depends on if you write on knowledgeable subject)

➽⇛Buzz sumo
Buzz sumo is a tool which are used for analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor, using Buzz sumo you find the key influencers to promote your content.

Go to buzz sumo, type keywords related to the topic you want blog on, once you type keywords you see list of all the other popular post based on social share, it's shorting the content in your industry based on what's popular, So you want takes those article.

For more information how you do this or how to earn money online with google.

Then watch a video where I guide you how you start and earn more and more.


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