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Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile

Before start work as a professional on LinkedIn first you will complete all steps which make professional LinkedIn Profile.

You will take following 13 simple steps to optimize your LinkedIn Profile and attract professionals.

It takes some time but its very useful for each and every professional profile.

1. Write your Positioning Statement – Everything about your LinkedIn Profile (Brand / Personal) has to be in Sync with your Positioning Statement, it takes 10 mins only.

2. Add relevant Profile Pic – Pic choose the one that works best for all scenarios! it takes 5 mins only.

3. Update Headline – Headline is the most visible component in your profile apart from your name & profile pic. Effective headline will impact the number of peoples viewing of your public profile, it takes 5 mins only.

4. Update your Summary – You have users attention now, tell them about yourself in detail. max 15 mins only.

5. Add Associated Organizations – Consolidate the yrs of experience you have built over a period of time, its take 15 min only.

6. Showcase your education by adding Education Institutions& Courses – What have you learned and from where have you learned it, is a critical aspect of your profile. it takes 10 mins only.

7. Showcase Your achievements using Publications, Patents, Projects, Certifications, Honors & Awards – Add Credibility in your profile.      it takes 15 mins only.

8. Recommendations – External Recommendation will further enhance your credibility you also ask from outside.  it takes 15 mins only.

9. Add Featured Skills Interests & Endorsements – “How do others perceive you?” Let everyone know. it takes 10 mins only.

10. Building Initial set of LinkedIn Connections – Take your existing offline connections on LinkedIn and add new peoples which have the same profession as you. it takes some time depending on you.

11. Join LinkedIn Groups To Build Influential Connections – Time to start interacting with others sharing same interest words. it takes some time depending on you.

12. Create a simplified URL for your LinkedIn Profile – Make it easy for others to connect with you it takes 5 mins only.

13. Ensure that all your Public profile is displaying all the information about you – Let people know who you are even if they are not your connection.      

Author: Ayush Sharma


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