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How to submit url to Google

How to submit url to Google

Watch full video for practical step by step tutorial.

Hey guys if you want your blogger comes in search engine and when people are typing keywords or your website name  or your post name or contents in Google search box without blogger or website URL and your website or blogger show on Google search list or Google first page then first you want to submit your "blogger URL" or your "blogger custom URL" into all search engine like google, bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc for that you want to first submit your blogger or website URL then you go to submit sitemap of your blogger or website to (Google search console earlier known as Google Webmaster Tools). 
This tool is free offered by Google which help you show your website or blogger in "Google search results".
So here I show you how you submit blogger or website URL to Google Webmaster or search console.

  • Step 1 :- Open your blogger click on setting select search preferences then go crawler and indexing section and click on edit button of Google search console.
  • Now you see Google search console window is open then click on add a property button then you see popup box is open then you just copy your blogger or website URL and paste in this edit field and click on add button.
  • Now verify your ownership of your website URL window is open then you just click alternative method and select HTML tag and copy the below meta tag line and paste it into your site homepage it should go in the head section and before the first body section.
  • For that go to blogger click on theme button and select edit HTML button and paste the code below top head tag and then click on save theme button.
  • After then go to Google search console and click on verify button then you got message (congratulations you have successfully verified your ownership of your URL) message then click on continue link then you find yourself in your "blogger or website URL search console dashboard" and then you also got Email from Google search console where you find 6 steps for improving or submitting your website information in Google search console.
  • Now I think you understood very well and it's very easy steps I also attached practical step by step video tutorial regarding this post in the next post I will show you how to submit blogger sitemap to Google which are very useful for website indexing and crawling if you want learn this How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google search console then follow next post.

 Thank you.

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