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Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Here I show you how you make Facebook ads in very simple steps

Facebook advertisement is definitely the most lovable advertise source right now on the internet regardless if you having a local business retail store, e-commerce store,  publishing business, digital marketing business even a lead generation business you need to actually set up your Facebook ads.

So today I actually show you how you kick start Facebook ads in a correct way.

Open business.facebook.com in your browser

Then log in here to your Facebook or Gmail account,

Now complete the account information through fill all details like cover photo, dp, account name etc.

Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Goto set up your business manager and just select on (Add
Page) button for connecting your Facebook Page for Business.

Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Here we see 3 options,
  •  Add a Page you own
  •  Add someone else Page
  •  Create a new Page

➽ If you already created a facebook page then select option 1 (add page) otherwise select other options,

➽ Here I click on Add Page button and type my Facebook Page name and select my Facebook Page.

Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Now create new ad account popup window was open in this window we make ad account and edit all the field according to requirement and click on create ad button.

Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Now your account is created nice work.

Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Now go to the top business manager menubar option and select ads manager.

Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Now you see Ads manager window is open and you will choose your objectives and set up Ad account.

Facebook Marketing Tutorial

➽In left side, you see 3 levels in the system,

First one basically we call Campaign level
In this level, we choose marketing objectives so basically what your outcome, so does you find your objectives or outcome.

Second one Ad Set level
In this level, you define targeting who see your ads and who you want to reach for your ads.

Third one Ad level
In this level, you define what is the marketing message or product message type that you want to show that advertisement message.

That sets,

Now you choose your Ad marketing objective in between 11 options and make Facebook Ads.

watch full video and create facebook ads yourself

Hey, friends in the business.facebook.com you will connect Instagram or Website and promote your posts in each other this things I will show you in my next post.
If you have any problem with a Facebook Ad or know any other things then please comment below and ask me.

Thank You.

Author Ayush Sharma

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