Friday, 17 November 2017

How to make youtube channel


Youtube is the 3 largest visiter website
2 largest searching in the word
more than 1 billion users 
300 hours or video upload every minute on Youtube

Steps to Optimize your Youtube Channel

1 Create an attractive and unique logo and banner image.
2.Upload a search- friendly channel description.
3.Upload a trailer video which explains what your channel is all about.
4 Group similar videos of your channel into sections.
5 Use the featured channels section.
6 Use the branding watermark.

Channel Description

1 Use the keywords which are relevant to your channel in the description.
2 Explain what the viewers can expect from your channel.
3 Most important: Link  all your social media profiles and your website

Tips to Optimize Youtube Videos

1 Optimize your Metadata
2 Create Playlists
3 Use Annotations in Videos
4 Use the Cards Features
5 Set a Featured Video for your Channel
6 Use Closed Captions
7 Share the Video across all Platforms

Metadata is a Cumulative of the following:

1 Video Title
2 Video Description
3 Tags used for the Video
4 Thumbnail of the Video
5 Category and other settings

When setting Youtube Channel
channel banner
channel logo

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